About Our Club

Marlin Coast Athletics is affiliated with both Queensland Little Athletics (QLA) and Athletics North Queensland (ANQ).

Marlin Coast Athletics is a FAMILY activity in which children and adults learn the basic athletics skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Marlin Coast Athletics is based on FUN activities. Everyone, regardless of ability are encouraged to participate. Athletes are encouraged to improve their own personal performance. To do this we provide friendly competition on a Sunday morning. By joining these activities and learning how to do all the events correctly you will have lots of fun.

Athletics is a FITNESS activity. From the simple warm-up exercises which precede each meeting to the actual running, jumping and throwing events. All athletic activities are designed to help improve your child’s fitness and well being.

After each event the athlete is given a ticket recording their performance. These can be pasted into your record book (supplied in the registration pack) enabling athletes to track their ongoing performances.