Awards and Recognition

Awards and Incentives

Awards are presented monthly on “Presentation Days” and at the AGM Break-Up at the end of the season.

Under 7 – Under 18

Monthly “Star points” are tallies for all athletes between Under 7 and Under 18. Star points are awarded for equaling or beating a Personal Best (PB) time or distance in each event. This is totally based on personal achievement and does not relate to any other athlete or placing in any event.

Awards include:

  • 10 Star Points = Bronze medallion
  • 20 Star Points = Silver medallion
  • 30 Star Points = Gold medallion

Tiny Tots and Under 6

Attendance medals will be awarded at Presentation Days.

Awards include:

  • 5 weeks attendance = Bronze medallion
  • 10 weeks attendance = Silver medallion
  • 15 weeks attendance = Bronze medallion

At the AGM Break-Up, awards include:

  • Participation trophies for all the Tiny Tots and Under 6 athletes
  • Participation trophies for all athletes Under 7 to Under 18 for attendance at 70% of club competition days
  • Junior “Athlete of the Year” and runner-up
  • Senior “Athlete of the Year” and runner-up
  • Overall perpetual “Athlete of the Year” (for achievement and attendance)